What we offer

Our Mission

At Zentiva we are united in our ambition to ensure open access to the medicines people depend on every day. We know that we can make the difference if we come together as a Winning Team.

Our Values

We have SuperpowerZ that are guiding us every day. We are fast, lean, connected, creative, inclusive and responsibility and we know that while applying our SuperpowerZ in everything we do, we will make the difference.

Personal growth

We help you discovering your talents and unlocking your potential. Our Talent Management process allows regular exchange on your aspirations, your abilities and your engagement to grow. The Zentiva Academy that we run in cooperation with Coursera supports directly your learning and development experience.

Compensation & Benefits

We ensure a fair and competitive compensation across our company scope. A wide range of benefits and some companywide programs on health and wellbeing is offered on top. We focus on rewarding and recognizing those who are contributing most to #HelpZentivaWin.

Our Culture

If we want to highlight one out of many things, it is the engagement of our team. The passion we have for taking care of people, partners and our planet is making us a great team. Everyone at Zentiva is contributing to a better future by sharing ideas or speaking up. We measure the engagement on a regular base and are proud that more than 90 % of our people are actively contributing to our regular Heartbeat survey.

Flexibility at work

We took our lessons while fighting against COVID-19. As a company we had to adapt, as a team we had to learn new ways of working and collaborating with each other. The crisis made us stronger than ever, we turned the crisis into our opportunity. Today we follow the talent and connect with each other, allowing flexibility at work as much as we can.